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Services for Dry Cleaning Sites

Whether you’re the owner of a former dry cleaning site, or a current dry cleaning operation, it’s vital for you to know the true environmental status of your property.

ERMI can perform a low-cost offsite review, or a more in-depth site assessment. In either case, we’ll provide you with a completely confidential report that can help you determine whether your property holds any risks for you from an environmental regulation standpoint.

This is particularly crucial if you ever expect to sell or re-develop your property, because our investigations can help identify any concerns that might interfere with a smooth real estate transaction.

If there are issues that need to be addressed, we can guide you to possible sources of public funding.

ERMI will help you protect your business and your property by helping you to know the risks—or by helping you obtain the peace of mind brought by an expert, “clean” report.

Our services include:
• Site Assessments
• Remediation
• Phase I and Phase II ESAs
• Environmental Forensics and Consulting

We’ve been serving all of Florida since 1999, and are an Allied Member of the Southeastern Fabricare Association.