Vision & Purpose

Since 1999, we have expertly provided client-focused solutions to manage environmental risks and provide economic benefits to our clients. For example, when impacts are identified in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, our focus is compliance and keeping the transaction alive. When contaminated properties are under regulatory enforcement, ERMI educates clients so they understand their options, ranging from risk-based solutions to full remediation, with emphasis on their cost and potential business disruption.

Vision and Purpose Picture

We are motivated by a strong sense of stewardship for our environment, coupled with an abiding commitment to free-market principles. Accordingly, we strive daily to protect our natural resources, while ensuring compliance in the responsible utilization of land and water resources. On a day-to-day basis, we are driven by a desire to simultaneously promote our state’s economic health AND its environmental health.

ERMI founder Steve Hilfiker is passionate about protecting human health and the environment based on personal experience. Mr. Hilfiker grew up in a home located within the TCE contamination plume depicted in the photo.  Luckily, his family drank bottled water, but many neighbors consumed groundwater from private domestic wells, resulting in tragic health impacts in the neighborhood.

Approximately 90 percent of Florida’s drinking water comes from groundwater, and ERMI understands the value of this natural resource. We strive to protect future drinking water reserves through pollution prevention and diligent assessment and remediation of impacted properties.