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Environmental forensics is a rapidly expanding segment of Environmental Risk Management’s suite of consulting services.  The field is one that utilizes a wide-ranging armamentarium of tools to identify and characterize complex adverse environmental events.  Some of the scientific disciplines involved in forensics include analytical chemistry, hydrology, lithology, geology, history, and statistics.

Environmental Forensics: What is Analytical Chemistry?

According to the EPA, analytical chemistry is an important tier of environmental protection and has been linked to compliance and/or exposure monitoring activities for environmental contaminants. The adoption of the risk management paradigm has led to special challenges for analytical chemistry applied to environmental risk analysis. Those the challenges pertain to health-based exposure concentrations (the specific amount of the chemical in the soil or groundwater that would create risk). This is an important issue when evaluating a risk-based closure and toxicologists are hard at work assessing many chemical target cleanup levels.

Environmental Forensics: What is Hydrology?

Hydrology is the term used to describe the study of water. Water is our most precious natural resource. Hydrology has evolved as a science; it is used to assess and characterize chemical discharges to groundwater. An increasing amount of chemical wastes are discarded every year, showing up in our water supply. For more information regarding hydrology and what a hydrologist job entails, click here.

Environmental Forensics in Florida

ERMI services property assessment needs from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments through remediation of contaminated properties. ERMI also characterizes mixed contamination plumes; fingerprints unknown petroleum compounds, and performs forensic investigations into the source and release date of contamination.

Corporate headquarters for Environmental Risk Management is located in Fort Myers, Florida. ERMI serves all of Florida with our complete service offering. Environmental Risk Management (ERMI) has been in the environmental consulting business in Florida since 1999. We have staff positioned throughout the state of Florida and offer forensic services throughout the nation. ERMI will help minimize your risk by offering valuable services to meet your needs.

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