Lee County Launches Environmental Policy Management Office

ermi_logo_lee-county-florida-governmentLee County Manager Roger Desjarlais has announced the establishment of the Environmental Policy Management Office.  It will be responsible for ensuring a balanced approach as county staff reviews and enforces Lee County Commissioners’ environmental policies.

Staff will serve as a central source of environmental information and assistance to Desjarlais and his senior management team as well as to county departments such as Community Development, Natural Resources, Transportation, Utilities, Transit and Solid Waste–areas that affect Lee County’s management of environmental sciences, construction management and land-use planning and zoning.

The Environmental Policy Management Office will be led by Holly Schwartz, a 20-year county employee with experience and knowledge of environmental policies and the Lee County Comprehensive Land Use Plan. A landing page at www.lee-county.com will be established soon for the new office, which will officially launch March 24. For more information, call Lee County Administration at (239) 533-2221.

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