ERMI Celebrates 20 Years of Assessment & Remediation in Florida

Cue the music: May 21, 2019, marks the 20th anniversary of ERMI’s founding.

Back in 1999, our founder, Steve Hilfiker, started the company in a construction trailer in his back yard.  Steve had graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Florida, then worked nearly 10 years on the staff of a consulting group, ultimately serving as general manager of their environmental division.

The late 90’s proved to be a good time for Steve to start his own environmental risk- management business.  The insurance claim, remediation and forensics service markets were evolving, and Steve developed business strategies that worked.   A major surge in Florida real estate was just getting underway.

While the dynamics of those issues have shifted over the years, dealing with contaminated sites, underground storage tanks and due diligence in real estate transactions remain core aspects of our business.

But of course, a company does not reach the two-decade mark without some adaptations.

ERMI has added environmental engineers, geologists, indoor air quality specialists, along with other scientists, technicians, and technology professionals to a rock solid, administrative foundation, which is one of the strengths of the firm.  This team equips us to handle an extraordinarily broad range of environmental conditions.

Steve Hilfiker himself has grown into a leading figure in our field, serving in a variety of capacities within such groups as the Florida Ground Water Association, Florida Bankers Association, Florida Brownfields Association, Environmental Professionals of Florida, and the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association (to name just a few) — not to mention working as a lecturer, author, expert witness, and speaker.

Along the way, we’ve also realized that some of our most important work for Florida’s environment hasn’t been accomplished out in the field, but rather indoors, as we help guide development of state legislation, and help shape prudent environmental policies and procedures among private-sector entities.

As we look to the future, we see the job is just getting bigger.  During our 20 years in business, Florida’s population has expanded from 15 million to well over 21 million — with another 10 million newcomers projected to arrive by 2050.

Preparing for that influx is going to take careful management to preserve our state’s resources.  Fortunately, large-scale efforts are now underway to protect the Everglades. A key component of those efforts will be to fortify Lake Okeechobee… which actually takes us right back to our very first days in business.  Job #1 for ERMI all those years ago was a small project in Okeechobee, FL

ERMI is poised to continue growing on a foundation of excellence, with professional expertise in assessment, monitoring, consulting, forensics, and remediation.

For additional information, contact Steve Hilfiker (
888-368-6468 • 6835 International Center Blvd., Suite 5 • Fort Myers, FL  33912