Reflections on Constancy and Change

Last week’s winter solstice is a pleasant reminder that the earth is still spinning, the sun will continue to warm the waters of this beautiful state, and the 900 people that move here every day will enjoy pleasurable water-quality conditions due to the work of environmental consultants.

I’m so proud of our firm…going on 22 years now. We have assembled a team that is passionate about water quality, stormwater management, environmental remediation, groundwater monitoring, wetlands, indoor air quality, environmental forensics, and doing all we can to help safely manage the growth in population. We serve real estate transactions with turnkey due diligence and creative risk-management strategies, and we are very excited to continue this effort for many years to come.

We have been involved in association leadership and legislative activities for many years and we are committed to do everything in our power to help this beautiful state stay beautiful.

  • Let’s maintain clean water!
  • Let’s manage our water quantity reserves!
  • Let’s manage our stormwater appropriately!
  • Let’s redevelop where appropriate!
  • Let’s keep the drinking water clean!

Happy New Year from ERMI!