Forensic Solutions & Remediation For Mixed Plume Sites

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Our forensic seminar is delivered over the internet and features forensic tools that seek to present environmental remediation to help solve problems at mixed plume sites with more than one responsible party. The tools are used to verify the presence of a new release, to differentiate between the discharges, and to justify funding allocations.  The data obtained in our investigations will help support and defend your client’s position in potential disputes regarding liability allocation at sites with multiple petroleum discharges.

The tools can also be used to determine if the data is merely the second discovery of the original discharge (which may have occurred before a transaction). Distinguishing between chemicals in the subsurface environment requires precise data to defend positions.

Case studies are discussed to demonstrate the value of chromatography. The pros and cons of each forensic method are also discussed, which usually prompts open discussions about how to most effectively address some of the issues facing your clients. The seminar is presented from a risk management/ litigation prevention/ dispute resolution perspective.

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