New or old petroleum discharge? How do you know?

Many petroleum discharges raise immediate questions about the source and age of the contamination.
Answering those questions often calls for forensic investigation.

Environmental Risk Management (ERMI) uses extensive professional experience as environmental
scientists—including our knowledge of the nature, transport, fate, investigation, and remediation of
petroleum contamination—in our environmental forensic investigations. ERMI has expert-witness and
litigation support services in several states, including Florida.

We begin with significant site research (such as historical records, regulatory reports and interviews) to
determine an appropriate scope of work. If deemed necessary, we will conduct sampling for forensic
analyses to assess environmental conditions, source determinations, characterization, age-dating,
fingerprinting and other investigations at the site. With this knowledge, ERMI offers an unbiased
conclusion, using all information and data, regarding the source and extent of a petroleum discharge.
Through comprehensive research and sampling, ERMI provides our experience and knowledge to
manage environmental issues appropriately.

ERMI’s forensic and litigation support includes arbitrations, depositions, mediations, public hearings,
and trial testimony. Our reports have been used by attorneys to support their cases in Florida, Texas,
South Carolina, Michigan, New York, Arizona, and Massachusetts, among others. Our history and
experience have proven that ERMI is one of Florida’s most highly rated environmental consulting firms.

We would be pleased to assist you with your next case.