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What is Environmental Remediation?

Remediation is considered a course of action through which all risks start with a comprehensive and reliable assessment. ERMI has the expertise to develop an appropriate Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for contaminated sites. A Remedial Action Plan is beneficial to identify and evaluate areas of concern. ERMI will take into consideration the funding source and budget for the cleanup, cleanup time-frames, and all governing regulations for the cleanup.

ERMI’s professional engineering staff will design a cleanup for each site based on site-specific contamination levels and site conditions in order to cost effectively remedy the problem.

There are several situations where active remediation will be required at a contaminated property. State or Federal regulations may mandate that a property owner take active measures to restore the environmental quality to a site. A property may be associated with a State or Federal funding program, which will not only mandate that the cleanup take place, but will also fund all or a portion of the cleanup costs. In some cases a cleanup may be required as part of a real estate transaction with funds set aside in escrow to facilitate the cleanup.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a site remedial action plan (RAP) should:

  • Set remediation goals that ensure the remediated site will be suitable for the proposed use and will pose no unacceptable risk to human health or to the environment
  • Document in detail all procedures and plans to be implemented to reduce risks to acceptable levels for the proposed site use
  • Establish the environmental safeguards required to complete the remediation in an environmentally acceptable manner
  • Identify and include proof of the necessary approvals and licenses required by regulatory authorities.

Once remedial work is complete, a report should be prepared detailing the site work conducted and regulatory decisions made.

Environmental Remediation in Southwest Florida

ERMI services property assessment needs from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments through remediation of contaminated properties. ERMI also characterizes mixed contamination plumes; fingerprints unknown petroleum compounds, and performs forensic investigations into the source and release date of contamination.

Corporate headquarters for Environmental Risk Management is located in Fort Myers, Florida. ERMI serves all of Florida with our complete service offering. Environmental Risk Management (ERMI) has been in the environmental consulting business in Florida since 1999. We have staff positioned throughout the state of Florida and offer forensic services throughout the nation. ERMI will help minimize your risk by offering valuable services to meet your needs.

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