Understanding New Environmental Legislation, Part 5 of 5: PCPP provides yet another option for cleaning up petroleum-contaminated properties.

This last entry in my five-part series on new environmental laws spotlights Florida’s Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program (PCPP), a cost-sharing program in which the state provides 75% of cleanup funds for an authorized property.

Under this year’s legislation, the former statutory application deadline of December 31, 1998 has been removed.  This opens up the possibility of participation for all applicants who can demonstrate that they meet the statutory requirements.

While the program’s funding cap of $400,000 remains in place, the FDEP now has the authority to spend up to $100,000 above that cap for remediation and monitoring—provided those expenditures are necessary to achieve a “No Further Action” determination by the FDEP.

If you’d like to know more about what the state might require of you as an owner or operator of a petroleum-contaminated property, please feel free to contact me. I can help you understand some of the financial aspects of the program, including the application and approval process, and I can even help you sort through all the various petroleum cleanup programs now offered by the state.