Ground Water Sampling

The Fundamentals of Environmental Analysis

8-2-2010-(1)With precise soil and groundwater sampling, ERMI characterizes contaminants on impacted properties in well-written technical reports.

A Site Assessment Report is designed to characterize hydrogeologic conditions and to determine the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination. It is important to confirm that the source of impact has been abated, and that there are no imminent threats to human health or the environment.

Florida’s geology is diverse and dynamic. Karst lithology with springs and sinkholes is flanked by panhandle clay and the Biscayne aquifer. Factors such as soil porosity, groundwater transmissivity, migration pathways, and chemical concentrations can vary at different depths and seasons at a single site.  External influences such as daily tides, seasonal rain, hydraulic pressure, and drawdown induced by high volume agricultural wells can change the subsurface conditions over time. Understanding each site requires experience and diligence.