FES MNA Presentation – PowerPoint

Steve covers Monitored Natural Attenuation in depth through this presentation, providing an historical perspective, as well as an overview of the legislative foundation and economic impacts of this remedial strategy. FES MNA Presentation PPT

ERMI president Steve Hilfiker is in high demand as a speaker

ERMI president Steve Hilfiker is in high demand as a speaker at conferences and conventions. As a 25-plus-year veteran of the environmental field, the author of dozens of articles, and a frequent advisor to Florida legislators, Steve brings a perspective to his presentations that is multidimensional and authoritative. If your group, agency, or organization is involved in engineering, real estate, construction/development, education, or financial services, contact ERMI today. Steve is ready to deliver a presentation… Read More

2016 LSSI Expansion

2016 Legislative Session Includes Expansion to LSSI (Effective July 1, 2016) The Low Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) has now been expanded through the approval of Senate Bill 100 to include limited remediation activities. The cap expenditure for each site has been raised from $30,000 to $35,000. The total amount that can be spent on the LSSI program has also been raised from $10 million to $15 million per year. The time limitation for completion of… Read More