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Comprehensive cleanup and rehabilitation of impacted properties.

Professionals know that the most successful remedial designs start with comprehensive and reliable assessment. ERMI has the expertise to develop an optimal Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for an impacted site based on this assessment data. ERMI takes into consideration the funding source and budget, time frames, and all governing regulations for the cleanup. ERMI’s professional engineering staff designs RAPs based on site-specific contamination levels and site conditions in order to remedy the problem in a cost-effective way.

There are several situations where active remediation will be required at a contaminated property. State or federal regulations may mandate that a property owner take active measures to restore the environmental quality to a site. A property associated with a state or federal funding program which mandates cleanup is also eligible for complete or partial funding of the cleanup costs. In other cases, remediation may be required as part of a real estate transaction with funds set aside in escrow to facilitate the cleanup.

Prior to remediation, ERMI will educate the client of available risk-based and remedial options.

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