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Considering a Brownfield Project?

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The most unsightly commercial real estate can sometimes yield beautiful investment opportunities. In many cases, properties throughout Florida that seem to be untouchable can be affordably restored—with guidance from Environmental Risk Management.

Our experienced technical team can expertly assess the environmental status of old commercial sites—and can often steer you toward major sources of cleanup funding and tax incentives.

ERMI experts will spearhead the rehabilitation efforts, guide you through regulatory compliance issues, and ensure best practices throughout the entire process.

Your next major real estate success just might be hidden in the debris of a dilapidated “brownfield” site.

Our Brownfield-Related Services include:

- Expert Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
- Complete groundwater and soil sampling
- Remedial Action Plans (RAP)
- Compliance consultation
- Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA)
- Long-term monitoring systems
- Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit (VCTC) Applications

Reducing environmental risk to reduce financial risk.


Unlocking opportunities for abandoned industrial properties.

For years, Florida investors had a fear of contaminated properties. This was largely the result of some high-profile cases in which developers acquired former industrial properties — only to be held liable for prior contamination on the sites.

Fortunately, regulations have been adjusted to ease the rescue and re-development of “brownfield” sites (abandoned industrial/commercial properties).

Today, these properties represent vital opportunities for Florida, because reclaiming brownfield sites can help spare other pristine lands from development.

ERMI is an essential ally in the re-use of environmentally impaired locations. We are experts in the legislation associated with brownfield usage, and can help property owners determine whether they are eligible for state-funded cleanup programs.

ERMI is a corporate member of the Florida Brownfields Association. ERMI President Steve Hilfiker and Principal Engineer Tim Terwilliger have presented at the Florida Brownfields Conference, and will remain leaders in environmental associations to further improve opportunities on impacted sites.

Discuss Your Project with Amy Campbell, LEP today!