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Steve Hilfiker, founder and president of ERMI, is a former two-term president of the Florida Environmental Assessors Association, and has served as Environmental Committee Chairman for the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association and Florida Retail Federation.  He was a founder of the ASTM Subcommittee E50.06 on Environmental Forensics, and he is a member of the Florida Groundwater Association and Florida Brownfields Association. 

Steve graduated from Geneseo State University of NY and the University of Florida with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Environmental Studies.

Since 1991, he has been conducting environmental assessment, risk management, forensic and remediation services. Perhaps most significantly, Steve has played a key role in the development of effective and equitable environmental policy and legislation. The breadth of his experience equips Steve to bring a truly valuable perspective to your particular situation.

Steve is a trusted, authoritative advisor to business owners, developers, financiers, real estate agents, educators, and legislators. As a result, he has been invited to speak at conferences and meetings of numerous professional organizations, including:

  • Petroleum Associations
  • Bar Associations & Forensics Groups
  • Real Estate & Environmental Organizations
  • Insurance Companies
  • High Schools and Universities
  • Civic Groups
  • Banking/Financial Conferences

His articles have appeared in The Florida Specifier, the CCIM Newsletter, various industry trade publications, and multiple Florida newspapers.


Stephen F. Hilfiker

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