Legislative Achievements

ERMI covers the state in more ways than one.

Steve is often in Tallahassee serving as an expert advisor to legislators on bills and amendments.


Steve Hilfiker with Gov. Scott

Steve Hilfiker with Gov. Crist


Here are just a few examples of the ways that Steve’s input has helped inform and shape environmental legislation:

A 2009 Idea

Steve’s November 2009 email to a Tallahassee attorney included this suggestion, which launched the LSSI:  "How about a new program for sites scored less than 10?"

Goal: To get sites off the list and achieve closure for clean sites.

This plan would open the door to funding and closure for low-scored sites.

Becomes 2010 Law


2012 Amendment

In 2012, Steve’s correspondence with a state legislator contained the following input:

“The portion of the bill beginning on Line 466 pertaining to LSSI is very good.  At the meeting today, I will voice these issues:

  • The bill currently includes language to waive co-payments and deductibles — waiving these costs will increase LSSI participation.
  • The definition for "low scored site" should be sites scored 29 or less. In lines 472 and 480, the score of 10 should be changed to 29. Sites 11-29 are the only group of sites that have not had a chance for funding since 1995.”

Becomes 2012 Law.


2016 Amendment

Steve contributed some of the original draft language for this 2016 Amendment:


Expands a Beneficial Program