Low Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) Benefits Property Owners – For You Today!

FDEP Low Scored Site Initiative (LSSI)   LSSI grants up to $30,000 to cleanup program sites scored 5 to 29. Deductibles and copayments are waived for LSSI work. There is no cost to you. The purpose is to identify sites that qualify for No Further Action. Regulatory file closure is possible even if the site is impacted.   Low Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) This program has been available since March 2011. The Florida Legislature wants… Read More

Assessment Funding available through LSSI

The Low-Scored Site Initiative (LSSI) provides up to $30,000 of assessment funding to assess low scored sites that are eligible for the petroleum cleanup program. The purpose is to sample sites that have not had State-funded work in many years to determine if the contamination file can be closed. Most low scored sites have not had any funding since at least 1995. Petroleum impacts naturally attenuate, and many of these sites are clean. The LSSI… Read More