July 2014 Marco Island Environmental Conference

Environmental Risk Management, Inc. President, Steve Hilfiker, was named a featured speaker on a panel of the 28th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School in Marco Island, FL. Hosted by the Florida Environmental Network, Inc., this environmental conference provides learning opportunities and courses for those in the environmental industry in Florida. This opportunity was just one of… Read More

Environmental Risk Management | Soil & Ground Water Sampling

Site Characterization Florida’s geology is diverse and dynamic. Karst lithology with springs and sinkholes is flanked by panhandle clay and the Biscayne aquifer. Check out more information on Florida’s geology here. When contaminants are discharged to the environment, the potential impact must be assessed to determine the best remedial solution. A Site Assessment Report is… Read More

Environmental Risk Management | Environmental Remediation

What is Environmental Remediation? Remediation is considered a course of action through which all risks start with a comprehensive and reliable assessment. ERMI has the expertise to develop an appropriate Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for contaminated sites. A Remedial Action Plan is beneficial to identify and evaluate areas of concern. ERMI will take into consideration… Read More

Southwest Florida Commercial Real Estate On The Rise

Commercial Real Estate in Southwest Florida Environmental Risk Management, Inc. of Southwest Florida has observed a rise in the Southwest Florida commercial real estate trend. The entire region of Southwest Florida is involved in the steady real estate movement; the business climate here is exceedingly attractive. According to Florida Weekly, Commercial real estate prices overall… Read More